James & Katie Holmes, Ditchling Fair 2004 @ James Barry
Five documentaries set in and around the ancient East Sussex village of Ditchling, home to Series Director Luke Holland. These films for the award-winning BBC Storyville strand take us beyond the postcard gloss of England's rural idyll.

Showing in January 2007 on BBC TWO

James and Katie Holmes, Ditchling Fair 2004. © James Barry Editor • Edward Roberts Executive Producer • Edward Mirzoeff Commissioning Editor • Nick Fraser Filmed, Produced and Directed by Luke Holland
A ZEF Productions Series for S TORY V I L L E - click to link to the Storyville site at the BBC
Looking for Mr Gill - Exploring the legacy that Eric Gill, maverick genius of the Arts and Crafts Movement, has left to Ditchling, the early twentieth-century setting for his controversial experiment in art and community.

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Episode The complete five-part series
Going for the Kill
Salad Days and
Looking for Mr Gill
Closing Time and
The Ditchling Ladies

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Closing Time - Ditchling campaigns to save the village pub from a commercial assault that makes a nonsense of democracy – and of community.
Salad Days - A village production of the hit musical of Cold War England offers insights on backstage Ditchling. Is this an exercise in nostalgia, or updated escapism for a new dark age?
The Ditchling Ladies - Four ladies of Ditchling, two in their nineties, offer entertaining and improbably lively insights on life, loss and love.
Going for the Kill * Across Europe farming is in crisis. In England, hunting with hounds has been banned. This is the story of farmer Gary Lee’s final hunting season – as his world changes forever.

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